Free Self-Think and exercise your brain

Why exercise your body, it is to have stronger body, why exercise your balance, it is to have better balance, why be a free self-thinker and exercise your brain, it is to be able to think better for yourself to know right from wrong so you are able to do what is right, not what others tell you it is right and that comes from free-will not from God or religion or belief.
Always in friendship. Leon D. Halfon

What is to be a Free Self-Thinker Part 2

But every gang has a group name, follow a constant of a belief, and that is not free self-thinking.
You don’t need to be educated to be a free self-thinker, in fact you are not born religious, or Atheists or educated. But you are born a free self-thinker with an open mind and by continuously free self-thinking you will create a better mind to discover new knowledge and become creative. Because we are all born different, think differently, that means many ideas and thatmeans being creative!
People who are educated feel that it is their right to be creative, but life is a journey of challenges, not a competition for humans.

Only by Free Self-Thinking you are able to challenge and accomplish the impossible!

Leon D Halfon

What is Free Self-Thinking?

Lets do a simple scientific experiment for brain washed believers and Atheists.
Experiment N# 1. Take a new baby and teach him or her only to communicate, and ask the question, is there a GOD, the answer will be I don’t know. That baby is a free-self-thinker. It will be ridiculous miracle and not possible for the baby to say there is no GOD and I am an Atheist or this is my religion or this is my opinion or this is my philosophy.
Experiment N# 2. Take a new baby teach him or her to communicate, teach him or her Physics, and ask the question, is their a GOD, the answer will be I know that if there is life there has to be some thing that made life possible, and that is what people call in English GOD. That baby is free self-thinker answer, but we are still searching and we don’t know how it all work and what the word GOD means.

Post 3 – Let’s play a game of Wisdom

I will write ten different ideas to make the world a better place, and everybody else who wants to play the game of Wisdom will do the same. As a Free Self-Thinker we will vote what will be the most important idea to the least important one.
1. Food and water for all the people. 2. Take care of the environment. 3. Space exploration. 4. Solve religion quarrels. 5. Get rid of all greed leaders and replace them with representative of the people. 6. Stop over population. 7. Protect gay rights. 8. Stop poisoning the food for all life. 9. Stop competition for people. 10. Teach how to Free Self-Think to become creative because many heads are better than one. These numbers are not a priority list.
Always in friendship

Post 2 – Every Free Self-Thinking idea is welcome.

The reason I combine the word free-think with the word self-think is to emphasize the impotence of the meaning of free think, the reason is that most people are Cognitive -Dissonance because they belong to a collective, and they think they free-think but they don’t free-think!

Everybody, any question, and any answer is welcome on this website. Conversations about wisdom, knowledge, history, science, physics or any other topic that you want to talk about.

Post 1

The big bang continuous motion created the universe, the universe continuous change created life, life continuous change (evolution) created people, people in a meaningful conversation by free-self-think creates understanding knowledge, understanding knowledge creates more love instead of fear, love instead of fear creates people that are more humane, people that are humane create humans.

Because not all people are humans but all humans are people.

Leon D Halfon.