What is Free Self-Thinking?

Lets do a simple scientific experiment for brain washed believers and Atheists.
Experiment N# 1. Take a new baby and teach him or her only to communicate, and ask the question, is there a GOD, the answer will be I don’t know. That baby is a free-self-thinker. It will be ridiculous miracle and not possible for the baby to say there is no GOD and I am an Atheist or this is my religion or this is my opinion or this is my philosophy.
Experiment N# 2. Take a new baby teach him or her to communicate, teach him or her Physics, and ask the question, is their a GOD, the answer will be I know that if there is life there has to be some thing that made life possible, and that is what people call in English GOD. That baby is free self-thinker answer, but we are still searching and we don’t know how it all work and what the word GOD means.

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