This is a website for Free Thinkers. For the ones who want to engage a logical conversation based on experiences, standing up for what they know, not for what they believe.

Conversations about wisdom, knowledge, history, science, physics, etc. Everybody, any question, and any answer is welcome.

Free Self-Thinking is the scientific method that has solved problems in the past, now and it will solve problems in the future.

The way you free think is to write down a few questions you don’t understand, sit down with friends and talk about it. We must have conversations because the problems arise when people become set in their ways and stop having conversations.

So Free Thinkers of the world let’s meet, let’s unite in conversations for a better world and a better life. The most important is accepting the possibility of being wrong, and that is wisdom.

I am the Author and Writer of How to Discover Real Truth, The Mathematics of Life, and How to Free Think To Be Creative. Inventor of the first stand up paddle board, sail surfboard, the rescue board and the therapeutic electric stimulation device in the USA.

Always in friendship,