Leon D. Halfon is the author and writer of How to Discover Real Truth, The Mathematics of Life, and How to Free Think To Be Creative. Inventor of the first stand up paddle board, sail surfboard, the rescue board and the therapeutic electric stimulation device in the USA.

He has given an example of his own life that nothing is impossible if one understands the power of Free-Self Thinking.  Leon Halfon was born on an island in the Mediterranean Sea called Djerba.

When Leon was seven years old he was serious injured by a French Army truck.  At the age of thirteen he became a circus acrobat.  Leon became the youngest chief lifeguard in the country of Israel at the age of eighteen.  Then he went to England for six months when he was 26, and he was invited to the Queen’s Palace.  He later moved to the United States where he currently resides in Silver Lake, California.